Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LFW A/W 2K15

A few pics from this month's London Fashion Week which finished yesterday. It wasn't all work for me and I was lucky to have the chance to have a wander around the Designer Showrooms at Somerset House and to see Phoebe English's A/W '15 presentation. Below are some of my personal *highlights*

Phoebe English presentation:

NEWGEN Showrooms: 

(Marta Jakubowski)

(Sadie Williams)

(Molly Goddard)


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Adventures of the Black Square & Fernand Léger

The Whitechapel Gallery became one of my favourite galleries in London a long time ago so I always find time to visit when they have a new exhibition on. Adventures of the Black Square is their current headliner, and it's very good, but I'm not here to review it. Instead, I'd like to share my favourite piece, a short film made in 1924 by French artist, Fernand Léger. I recommend you set aside 20 minutes of your day to watch this. Make sure you're alone and in complete darkness, with no distractions, so that you can fully appreciate and absorb yourself in this magnificient piece of filmmaking. The music alone is enough to send shivers down my spine but combined with the hypnotic and repetitive visuals, it engages all the senses and has an incredibly mesmerising effect.

The text next to the film read that Fernand Léger believed art should reflect reality and be universally understood. In many ways, despite its age, this film accurately reflects today's reality, far more than most 21st century contemporary art. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Q: What have I been up to recently?

A: Exploring the worlds of triangles and dinosaurs via super cool editing apps.